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Wooo! Nominations are open for [ profile] rwsawards, and someone was kind enough to nominate three of my fics:

Gonna Make You Bark for Doomed (Best Het) (so apparently not for Angel/Mr Gordo then, heh)
Not In The Brochure for Fanged Midget (501-1000 words)
Help Yourself for Where's My Cookie? (100 words)

Thanks a lot! Nominations are still open.

ETA: Oh! And I signed up for this:

Two baby birds flying from a nesting box. Text: Get It Done 2013

Also, here's a question about an idea I had a while back. You know how comment ficathons work? Has anyone ever tried a comment fanmixathon? My idea is to set up a master post where people can post prompts (in the form of a character/pairing/arc/season/etc) and others can respond with youtube links to songs that would fit the prompt - hopefully ending up with collaborative fanmixes with some surprising twists. What do you think, dear flisters? Workable?

from Ray in Scotland

Date: 2013-11-01 06:07 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)

first of all congrats, but mainly just contacting you to let you know that I may have considerably reduced net access for some time. Also, if I can find the necessary funds, I will hope to come oop north for the Sweden v. Scotland World Cup Qualifier next year.

First order of business is get a passport of course.

Hope all is well; far better here since I had three cats brought under my care. Slowly, but surely, they are making me realise I have to take care of myself.

Best of wishes,
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