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Double Doctor Drabble

First of all, thanks again everyone for congratulations the other day!

Second of all, Why Are You Wearing That Stupid Human Suit got nominated for another award - this time at the Rogue Poet Awards. Aw shucks, you guys. Thanks a lot to you, o unknown benefactor. :-)

Third of all, here's a double drabble for [ profile] still_grrr's prompt "Empty Derelict." Which, naturally, led me to write Dr Horrible fic... go figure.

Title: Cryogenics
Author: Beer Good ([ profile] beer_good_foamy)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 200
Fandom: Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Summary: It just... sits there.

It's not that Joe misses the job. He never liked it much – the people, the noise, the stink of fabric softener... it really wasn't all it was cracked up to be. And if you consider just how utterly non-cracked-up the title of Vice Laundromat Manager is, that's saying a lot. So he finds a new job at a cleaning company and moves on.

But now and then, Joe walks past the laundromat and peeks inside. It's dark in there, and after the LA smog and kids with spray cans have done their thing the windows aren't exactly clear, but he can see that all the machines are still in there, barely even gathering dust. Of course, they wouldn't - as anyone in the cleaning-up business will tell you, dust gathers where there are people, and nobody's been in there for years now.

Joe can't help but wonder; why the heck would a supervillain, especially one known for his evil plans, order the city to close down a laundromat, and then do... nothing with it? Just let it sit there, year after year, slowly falling apart?

He shakes his head before walking on. It just seems a waste.

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Congrats, and yay again!

And nice story ... poor Dr. Horrible ...

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Thanks, on both counts! :-)
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Awwww. Very nicely done!!

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Thank you!

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Aw ... ::sniffle::

Poor evil Doctor.

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Pretty much. Thanks!