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Most of these links are dead since I deleted my LJ, but most of my stuff is up on AO3, here.

While most of the stuff I write is Whedon-related in some way, I do occasionally dip my toes in other fandoms - either as a crossover or as a "pure" fanfic. I thought it might be time to collect them in one post.

Non-Whedon related fanfic

Cameron At Sea (Sarah Connor Chronicles/Jaws, drabble, PG13). I sincerely hope it's the only crossover between these two.

If She Weighs More Than A Duck (Battlestar Galactica, PG13). Baltar has come up with a new way of detecting cylons. Unfortunately, he didn't think it through all the way. Contains zombies.

Huntress (Battlestar Galactica, drabble, PG13). Just a brief post-series interlude with the Agathon family.

Faces and Names (Dr Who/Hitch-hiker's Guide To The Galaxy, PG13). You can change your name, you can change your face, but can you change who you are? During a brief stop-over, a jealous Mickey tries to find out the Doctor's name. To Mickey's surprise, someone else already knows his name. An old antagonist turns out not to be who we think he is.

A Forest (Asterix, 369er, PG13). Asterix and Obelix come up against every kind of Goth.

The War of the Rings, a continuing saga of puns between me and [ profile] speakr2customrs:
Hey Mr Clean, You're Dirty Now Too (LotR/Buffy, ficlet, PG13). Frodo and the gang return home, but since this is the LotR Movie-verse, a certain scene is missing...

Everybody Knows Men Never Ask Directions (Lord of the Rings, drabble, PG). The fellowship gets a member who actually knows where they're going.

The Evils of Capitalism (Buffy/Lord of the Rings, drabble, G). Anya finds her destiny in a box of magic jewelry.

Be Adequite (Lord of the Rings, drabble, PG13). Unexpected reinforcements arrive during the battle on the fields of Pelennor.
A Dalek on the Pull (Doctor Who, Dalek/OC, PG13): The last Dalek has escaped from the Doctor. Now he's looking for... love. Daleks really aren't equipped for the modern dating scene.

Caught Between The Twisted Stars (Shakespeare, Romeo/Juliet, PG13): An attempt at a more realistic bedroom scene.

Stop Touching My Magic Bone! (Discworld, DEATH/Skeletor, R): Who says skeletons can't get drunk and do things they regret?

Metamorphosis 0 (Franz Kafka, drabble, PG): The prequel to poor Gregor Samsa's story. (There's a fragment of Winnie The Pooh darkfic in the comments, too.)

Jesus Christ, PI: A Slay In A Manger (The Bible, gen, PG13): the hard-boiledest, noirest Bible story since The Book of Samuel Spade.

Non-Whedonverse-centered crossovers
Drowning in Footwear (Married With Children/Buffy, Al/Peg, Spike/Dru, PG13): An insane woman walked into the shoestore today...

Five People Who Didn't Know They Were In A Crossover (Scrubs, Young Ones, Twin Peaks, Dexter, Sopranos and the various Buffyverses)

The Charter (Seinfeld/Firefly, gen, PG13). You don't seriously think a spaceport is going to impress a bunch of jaded New Yorkers, do you?

Let's Sing "Dawn Is A Giant" In D Minor (South Park/Buffy s8 comics, Kenny/Dawn, PG13). So what really happened to Dawn?

1UP (Super Mario Bros/Buffy, drabble, PG). Buffy was always good at collecting extra lives.

Elves, Gremlins and Eskimoes (Simpsons/Angel, various pairings, PG13). Wolfram & Hart bring in the evillest of the evil to replace Angel as CEO... Mr Montgomery Burns.

Welcome to the Slaughterhouse (Texas Chainsaw Massacre/Buffy, canon pairings, NC17). Tara’s family kidnap her and the scoobies follow, but of course there's things Tara hasn't told them about her background...
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