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The drabble is one of my favourite fic forms. Constricting yourself to 100 words – no more, no less – really forces you to think about what you want to say and how to get the English language to say exactly that. Plus, it's a golden opportunity for wordplay, subtext and double entendres. These are listed by title, main characters/pairings, and timeframe. Some are angsty, some are silly, some are just a moment in time.

Drabble series:
Dawn Of The Dead (48 drabbles, s6, Spawn, Spuffy, Spangel... Spanythingthatmoves, really)
Best Fiends Forever (Drusilla and Miss Edith's life and unlife in 10 drabbles)
Five Xmas Gifts That May Have Seemed Like Good Ideas At The Time But, As It Turned Out, Really Weren't (both series, ensemble)
Five Holidays Faith Won't Forget (R) (Pre-series to BtVS6, Faith, Dawn)
Aud->Anyanka->Anya->Aud (pre-series to "Chosen")
Three Ways Xander Doesn't Die (Or Lives Forever) (s1-post-series)
Of Whitehats, Redshirts and Yellowbellies (Seven things that happened to Jesse in the Wishverse)

Checking In (AtS s1)
And Sometimes The Bear Spits You Out Again (Faith/Buffy-ish, post-series)
Jitters (Faith/Robin, post-series)
Kill the Hypothenuse (Faith/Buffy, Buffy/Angel, "Graduation Day")
Charity (Faith, Giles, alt season 8)
Welcome to Slayerfest ("Homecoming" missing scene)
Con/vict/ion (Faith, Kennedy, "Dirty Girls")
Everything Louder Than Everything Else (pre-s3)
Faith (pre-series)
The Vampire (Faith, Angel, AtS s3)
Slayer (Buffy/Faith, post-series)
Just A Kid (R) (Faith/Robin, post-series)
The First To Know (post-"The Gift")
Out, Damned Spot ("Bad Girls")
New Brat In Town (Faith, Snyder, s3)

A World To Win (Buffy, Giles, post-s3)
Pattern Recognition (Buffy, Dawn, Faith, post-series)
Stylish, Yet Affordable (Buffy, OC, s6)
The Tide Is Turning (Buffy, Giles, OC Slayers, post-series)
Vae, Puto, Monstrum Fio (Buffy & Ford, "Lie To Me")
Dead Flowers (Post-NFA, Faith & Buffy)
Nobody Likes A Know-It-All (s2-ish)
1UP (Super Mario Bros crossover... really.)
All These Melodies Go On Too Long (Buffy, Sweet)
...But The Angels Won't Receive Me (post-"Bargaining")
Excess Skin, And What It's For (NC17) (Buffy/Clem)
Plus Equals (s3-ish)
Happy Meal (s6)
Shattered ("The Body")
Snooze (s4)
Way Too Late (Buffy/Faith, post-series)

There Goes The Cavalry (Spike/Andrew, Angel, post-NFA)
Re-Enactment (Spike/Dru, pre-series)
Probably The Most Unexpected Double Entendre In The World (Spike/Xander-ish, s5)
Pan Am Highway Blues (Spike/Dru, post-s2)
Something From The Heart (Lorne, Spike/Angel, AtS s5)
Time Limit (Buffy/Spike, "Not Fade Away")
Allergy (Spike & Giles, "A New Man")
Red Devil (Spike/Harmony, s5)
OT3 2.0 (impl. Spike/Buffybot/Angelbot)
Slash (William, pre-series)
Creepy and Kooky (Spike/Dru, pre-series)
Five Things Spike Did That Eventually Got Him Barred From CBGBs (pre-series)
Go West, Old Man (Buffy/Spike, post-"Grave")
They've Got This Onion Thing... (BtVS s5)
Footrest (BtVS s2)
Let It Bleed (Giles, Spike, BtVS s4)

Super Calisthenics (Willow/Kennedy, post-series)
Power Circle (Willow/Tara, s5-ish)
All Wrapped Up (Willow/Xander, Wishverse)
Obedience Training (Willow, Xander, Angel, Wishverse)
Promotional Gifts (Willow/Tara, "New Moon Rising")
I'm Allowed To Keep ("A New Man", pre-Willow/Tara)
If You Build It, They'll Be Gone (Wishverse)
It's All Connected (post-"Grave")
Like, This Cleavagey Slutbomb (Willow/Buffy/Faith, s4)
Weakness (Willow/Tara, post-"The Gift")
She Knows How To Use'Em (Willow/Faith, s3)
(Not) Expecting (Willow/Tara)
Why Willow Has Frog Fear (R) (Willow, Xander, Pre-series)
Starting Right Now (Willow/Tara, "New Moon Rising")
First Light (Willow/Kennedy, s7)
Even If She Never... (Willow/Tara, alt post-series)

Special Delivery (Angelus, "Passion")
Working Nine To Five (Angel, s5)
The Fat of the Land (Angel, Spike, AtS s5)
Pronounce it Properly (Angel, Cordelia)
Pre-Production (s5, Lorne & Angel)
A Plaice To Call Home (post-"Tomorrow")
Black Knight Is A Long Way From Home (Monty Python and the Holy Grail crossover, s5)
Angel On Top AKA Eat Your Heart Out, Richard Gere (AtS ensemble, R)
Down For the Count (post-"Tomorrow")
Nobody Tells You Where To Go (Angel/Drive/Firefly crossover drabble)
Ironic Punishments Division (post-series)
Killing Angel by Degrees (Angel, Fred, Gunn, s5)
The Locked-Up Monster (Angel, Faith, AtS s3-ish)
Chopper ("Conviction")
Time For A Change (Angel, Cordelia, AtS s3)
Brogue Demon Hunters (Angel, Doyle, "City Of")

No Souvenirs (post-"Chosen")
Numb ("Villains")
Rated R For Language (R) ("The Gift")
What If She's In A Ditch Somewhere (Joyce, Dawn, BtVS s2)

Small People (post-series)
If The Band You're In Starts Playing Different Tunes (Giles, Ethan, pre-series)
A Calm Sea Does Not A Skilled Sailor Make (Giles, Willow, post-"Grave")
Tech Support (Giles & Willow)
A Slayer Slays, A Watcher Watches ("The Gift")
Hanging on in Quiet Desperation Is the English Way (Giles & Willow, post-"Grave")
No Strings Attached ("Helpless")
Dedication (Post-series)
In Vain (post-"The Gift")
Parole (Giles, Ethan, post-series)

How Do I Get To Carnegie Hall? (s5)
The King Has Left The Building (s5)
Can't Help Falling In Love (Lorne/Elvis (Yes!), s5)

Be Brief In It (Xander, Angel, Cordelia, post-"You're Welcome")
Wine Worse (Xander/Anya, s5)
All Shook Up (Xander, Spike, s4)
No More Buttmonkey (s5)

Chinese Democracy Is Delayed Again (Cordelia, Lorne, s2-ish)
Calvary (BtVS s1)
Best Supporting (AtS s2-ish)
18th Century Digital Boy (Cordelia, Angel, AtS s2-ish)
What Is The Light? ("Tomorrow")

The Only One To Grieve (Wes/Lilah, s4)
Stalemate (Wes/Lilah, s4)
I Had My Throat... yada yada yada... And All My Friends... Something Something (s5)

One Hit Wonder (Giles, Oz)
The Chicken That Was Not a Chicken (Robot Chicken crossover, s4)
I Love You (Oz/Willow, s4)
OOC (Oz/Willow, s3)
Guitar Man (s5-ish)

Do The Hustle (Andrew, Buffy, Xander, post-series)
Phantom Menace (Willow, Andrew, post-series)
It's Easy Being Green (Lorne, Andrew, post-series)
Bad Eggs: Behind The Mucus (Andrew, Xander, s7 or post)
Rounding Up the Troops (Andrew, Dawn, Kennedy, post-series)
Because It's Right (Spike, Andrew , post-series)

Information Wants To Be Free (pre-series)
Cops Suck (s2)

University of Pylea Physics Dept. (pre-series)
Better Than That (Wes/Fred, alt "Hole In The World")
Easy As Pi (Willow/Fred)

To Eleven (Pre-series, Spinal Tap crossover)
Read 'Em And Weep - Dead Man's Hand Again (pre-series, Deadwood (or historical if you prefer) crossover)
Big Bad (Anya, Giles)
That Nice Man (Anya)

Slice (mid-s5)
If You Kill Him, I'm Gonna Lose You (Gunn/Fred, "Supersymmetry")

Minor/rarely written characters and general
Golden Goal (The First Evil)
Room Service (Clem)
Let Me Have Men About Me That Are Fat (Darla, Luke, pre-series)
Corporate Ladder (W&H peon)
Soccer Mom To The Undead (OC vampires, "School Hard")
Uninvited (Warren, Allan Finch, Faith/Willow, post-series)
Can't Stop The Signal (Files And Records, "Not Fade Away")
An Offer You Can't Refuse (Watcher's Council)
Summer Lovers (Snyder/school)
Antipodean (Slayers, post-"Chosen")
Saved (Justine, "Sleep Tight")
User Profile (Darla, AtS s2)
Smile And Grin At The Change All Around (OC W&H employees, "Conviction")
Esperanza (Jonathan & Andrew, "Conversations With Dead People")
Only A Prawn In Their Game (Olaf, post-"Triangle")
Proper Protocol (OC Slayer, non-specific timeline)
Incomplete (Larry, "Graduation Day")
Moving Day (OC, "Chosen")
When They Used To Have A Show (Drusilla, Willow/Kennedy, post-series)
Who Calls? (Sahjhan, Julius Caesar crossover)
Sibling Rivalry (The Second Evil)
Phantom Pain (Virginia/Wesley, double drabble)
Dream Lover (Joyce/Cheese Guy)
Best Served Cold ("They got the mustard out" backstory!)
Divide Et Impera (Richard Wilkins, pre-series)
Triumph (Anne, post-NFA)
Dress Rehearsal (Riley, season 6)
Polly Shouldn't Be (season 8, Warren/Amy)
No Noose Is Good Noose (Principal Flutie)
For the Home Team (Baseball slayer from 'Chosen')
Hypno Sex Ray (Número Cinco)
Little Fury (Amy)
Commercial Break (general)
Sacrifice (general)
Stood up to The Man and gave him what for (historical, Robin Hood crossover)
Where Do Broken Hearts Go? (Parker, s4)
Human Weakness (Richard Wilkins, s3)
Therapy? (Doris the social services lady, s6)
Night Night (Kendra, "Becoming")
Last Night (Dana, pre-series)
How Riley Got That Scar (Riley, s5)
All Scully (Kate, s2)
Payback (Connor, s3)
Neither Neither Nor Nor (R) (Justine, post-"Tomorrow")
Brave New World (Darla, pre-series and "Reunion")
Ascension (Mr Trick, pre-series)
He Who Fights Monsters (Holtz/Justine, "Benediction")'
It's Hard Out There For A Pimp (Gwen, AtS s1)
Reciprocity (Gwen/Gunn, AtS s4)

There Should Be A Play ("The Puppet Show" coda)
Retroactive Salary (Buffy, Willow, Dawn, post-series)
UST (Buffy/Faith, s7)
Clothes Fluke (Angel s5)
Oh, And There's No Easter Bunny Either (BtVS s2)
Residual Effects In D Minor (BtVS s2)
Not Not Fade Away ("Not Fade Away")
Morning Shift ("The Gift")

Firefly drabbles
Two Points (Wash, River)
Complete Control (YoSaffBridge)
Love Keeps Her In The Air (Mal/Serenity)
Too Drunk To Fuck (Zoë/Wash)
I Have Changed My Name So Often (YoSaffBridge)
Pink (Jubal Early)
Pain in the... (Jayne, Simon)

Dollhouse drabbles
Passive (Mellie)
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