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A friend asked me the other day if I'm still following Doctor Who. My answer was that I truly don't know; how do you not follow a show that seems to have one new episode every three years or so?

That said, I did get around to watching "The Pilot" and rather liked it.

- I like Bill so far. And that's coming from someone who never really warmed to Clara. I'm sure I'll find reasons to mutter about every companion being from present-day London later on. (No, Nardole doesn't count, at least not yet.)

- That line of the Doctor's about how everyone frowns when there's something they don't understand, but Bill smiles? That's Doctor Who in a nutshell, isn't it? Discovering things you don't yet know is fun. As intriguing as the Doctor must be as a lecturer, he's not supposed to lock himself in a damp English building, isolate himself from the rest of the world, and spend his time talking about the good old days. He's supposed to be a vehicle of curiosity and discovery. (Apply to Brexit debate as you see fit.)

- That gag about TARDIS only making sense as an acronym in English (and latin letters). Heh. Good one. Of course, there's a picture of Susan on his desk.

- That better not be the only Dalek appearance this season.

- Lovely callback to what the Doctor did to Donna, and what Clara did to the Doctor, re: mindwipe.

- "Everything's evil?" "No, everything's hungry, which looks like evil if you're on the wrong side of the cutlery." And "fear is rational." Are we setting something up here? There are times where the script really lets Capaldi be the perfect Doctor, so matter-of-fact about it all, with no illusions about how the universe works, but never cynical about it.

- The whole bit about the Doctor changing his mind because of Time And Relative Dimensions In Space is one Moffat has done a few times now - "I AM a madman in a box" etc. It remains to be seen if he actually has any brand-new ideas this year; I want to believe the title ("PILOT"), and the last few episodes before this that felt a lot like a possible end to a bunch of the themes he's been running for rather too long now, indicate that it's a brand new series. Of course, the trailer at the end promises a lot of the same-ol-same-ol, but please, Moff, no more season-long meta on why you liked the show as a kid. Do what Pilot!Heather did, let go of what was promised and travel the universe instead. Keep that sense of gleeful wonder from every companion's first episode.

- But damnit, I'm still watching Doctor Who.

Also, I watched the first episode of the new Mystery Science Theater 3000, no thanks to Netflix' regional blocking. (I get that they can't get every show for every market, but this is one they produced themselves, using MY money, damnit.) But yeah, it feels mostly like old times, except with more Felicia Day and sliiiightly higher production values. Helps that they did Reptilicus, which is an old favourite of mine.
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