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A friend asked me the other day if I'm still following Doctor Who. My answer was that I truly don't know; how do you not follow a show that seems to have one new episode every three years or so?

That said, I did get around to watching "The Pilot" and rather liked it.

Yeah, but, you are aware that there's an invention called television, and on this invention they show shows, right? )

Also, I watched the first episode of the new Mystery Science Theater 3000, no thanks to Netflix' regional blocking. (I get that they can't get every show for every market, but this is one they produced themselves, using MY money, damnit.) But yeah, it feels mostly like old times, except with more Felicia Day and sliiiightly higher production values. Helps that they did Reptilicus, which is an old favourite of mine.
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This wasn't a hugely productive year for me, fannish-wise, but I did write a few things I'm pretty happy with:

Avalanche (Game of Thrones, Gen). After the battle of Hardhome, the wight that was the chieftain Karsi rises with all the others. Then she and everyone else in the white walkers' army start moving, slowly but surely, south. Snowflake by snowflake, winter. Is. Coming.

Talking To Plants (BtVS, Willow/Tara). Willow's pregnancy came as a shock. ...Well, it would, wouldn't it. But there's a perfectly logical explanation.

Waylaid (BtVS, Tara/Faith). Wishverse: Faith has a job to do. She's supposed to go to Sunnydale and fix what the last Slayer couldn't, or at least die trying. She shouldn't let herself get held up like this.

Water of Life (Stand Still Stay Silent, Sigrun/Mikkel). Walking for hours in sopping wet clothes after a life-or-death fight in ice water is something Norwegian hunters do every day, no need to get worried. Or so Sigrun would like them to think.

The Scrying Of Lot 48 (BtVS/Parks and Rec crossover, gen). Willow Rosenberg goes into a bar and meets... Ron Swanson!

The Rugged Pyrrhus, or Holiday By Mistake (Game of Thrones/Withnail and I crossover, gen). Izembaro, the arrogant leader of a small Braavosi theatre troupe specializing in bad rhymes and fart jokes, sometimes gets very drunk and claims to be from a city called Lundon. Nobody really believes him.

In Which Pooh Discovers A Blue Box (Dr Who/Winnie the Pooh crossover, gen). The Doctor is delighted to land in the Hundred Acre Woods. Well, he would be. But what sort of trouble will the Doctor's arrival bring for Pooh and his little friends? And why have Eeyore and Rabbit gone missing...?

It Raineth On The Just (BtVS, gen). After the events of "Tabula Rasa", Giles leaves Sunnydale and returns home to London. If it can still be his home after everything he's been through over the last few years. And who are those mysterious shapes who keep following him down rainy streets…?

A Slayin' Song Tonight (BtVS, gen). Five holiday ornaments that can be used to slay vampires, and one vice versa. AKA the Scooby Holiday Meet-Up is about as peaceful as you'd expect.
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Right, it's been a while since I posted anything. So here's the first of two fics for this year's [ profile] spook_me challenge. The other one should be up sometime later tonight if I can just get it to play (not very) nice.

This is a crack crossover I've had in my head for years, and figured this was as good a time as any to write it.

Title: In Which Pooh Discovers A Blue Box
Author: Beer Good ([personal profile] beer_good_foamy)
Fandom: Winnie The Pooh/Doctor Who (Tenth Doctor)
Rating: PG
Word count: ~1800
Warnings: ***Character death***
Author's note: Written for the [ profile] spook_me challenge "Shapeshifter".
Summary: The Doctor is delighted to land in the Hundred Acre Woods. Well, he would be. But what sort of trouble will the Doctor's arrival bring for Pooh and his little friends?

"You made a bear!"
"I didn't mean to..."

- Buffy the Vampire Slayer

On this particular day Pooh was out walking after having played Pooh-Sticks all morning, when he came to an open place in the middle of the forest, and in the middle of this place was a large blue box, and, from within the box, there came a loud vworping-noise. )
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The second [ profile] spook_me absolutely refused to be spooky and just got very silly.

Title: A Few Things And A Lizard
Author: Beer Good ([personal profile] beer_good_foamy)
Fandom: Doctor Who, alternate season 8
Rating: PG13
Word count: ~2600
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] spook_me and the prompt "Dinosaur"
Summary: When Clara doesn't join him after the events of "Deep Breath", the Doctor picks up another companion. A big, sexy woman with legs up to here, a tail that won't quit, and big, nasty, pointy teeth. The fix-it fic to end all fix-it fics.

'Will you help me?', the Doctor asked. The huge Tyrannosaurus Rex he’d rescued from a fiery death in the Thames looked up from munching on the last few time paradox reapers and grinned. )


Feb. 23rd, 2014 12:16 am
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Two unconnected Buffyverse drabbles for [ profile] open_on_sunday's prompt "bottle":

Sense Memory ("A New Man", Giles/Ethan)

The satisfaction of watching Ethan get thrown into a car and driven off to God knows where carries Giles through the clean-up of his apartment after the demon's… his rampage. Up until he sits down with a bottle of single malt.

It's always tasted of home over here. Vaguely British, somehow. Tonight, though, the taste is more specific.

Smoke. Sweat.

Cold, damp student rooms.




The look on Ethan's face when he walked out. Not entirely unlike the one he caught through a rear window today.

He sweeps up the shattered bottle. It's alright. He has more scotch.

Needs More Robin Williams (s5)

"I knew we shouldn't have opened Giles' old wine bottle," Willow whimpered as the newly liberated jinni wrecked the Magic Box.

"Regrets later, OK, Will? Just find a spell to put him back in it."

"I'm trying! Ancient Arabic doesn't even write out vowels!" Willow shuffled frantically through a pile of parchments, trying various spells that did nothing but repeatedly open and close the front door.

Buffy held out the bottle. "Heeeere, Jinni-Jinni! …No? OK, hard way it is, then." She looked at the 7 foot jinni, then back at the bottle. "DAWN! Get me a funnel and a mallet!"

And a Doctor Who drabble for [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni's Ragnarökathon and the prompt "the song of the twilight of the gods".

Wir sind die Roboter (Ten, Martha)

Martha listened in disbelief. "…This is the song of the gods?"

The Doctor shrugged. "Well, not of the gods, mortal ears wouldn’t be able to stand their music. Dreadfully dull. But apparently, as human music goes, this is what they listen to."


"Oh, really. Gods tend to be big on order and perfection. No human fallibility and all that. They used to be into Bach, but apparently they really love Kraftwerk."

They listened for a few minutes as The Man Machine blasted across the heavens.

"Now, where were we? Oh! Right! End of the world. Let's stop it, eh?"
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OK, so following up on my post about redemption arcs, here's one about cracks. Not crackfic, but... cracks. That bit where a story made up of several different stories doesn't quite fit together seamlessly, and how that's not necessarily a bad thing.

This post contains spoilers for all aired episodes of Doctor Who, Buffy, Angel and Game of Thrones (the TV series).

So a while back, I was reading Russell T Davies' The Writer's Tale, which if you haven't read it is recommended both for fans of Doctor Who and for those interested in serial television and storytelling in general. And I say this despite the fact that it threw some of the things I dislike about RTD's writing style into even sharper contrast (and that I couldn't care less about his constant fanboying of Skins).

But the point I wanted to bring up, where something clicked into place, was this quote. The Writer's Tale is essentially the (mostly) complete and uncensored e-mail and text correspondence between RTD and Benjamin Cook as RTD writes s4 of Doctor Who, up until Stephen Moffat took over the show. This quote is from page 190-191, where RTD is trying to piece together the Christmas special "Voyage of the Damned", essentially The Poseidon Adventure IN SPACE, and has trouble getting the narratives to play nice:
The funny thing is - and I learn this every time, yet forget it - if a fault is fundamental, any problem-solving is only papering over the cracks. The cracks always show. Faults persist. They always do. The disaster movie fights the essential nature of the Doctor, because he becomes just Any Old Survivor - a clever one, yes, the leader, yes, but a hapless victim of events. He's lacking. Now, when the plot turns and he changes ('No more!' he says), then he's in charge again and good old Doctor Who kicks in...

Well, isn't that true of the storytelling process full stop? If you're inventing something artificial, something false, and yet you're wanting to convince people that's [sic] it's real so that they can suspend their disbelief sufficiently, surely you're 'papering over the cracks' from the moment that you start writing?

I like your version of papering over the cracks. I'm going to cling to that. (...) You're right, most stories require the writer to wallpaper like crazy, especially those stories that demand so many suspensions of disbelief. (...) I am a wallpaperer. Yes, that's what I am.

Now, here's the thing. Step on this crack )
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I trust everyone is checking out the Bechdel Test 2.0 ficathon?

I didn't think I had time to participate, but then [ profile] duh_i_read came up with the prompt Doctor Who: Amy,River: A girl needs a gun these days on account of the rattlesnakes. Which, for those who don't know, is a line from Lloyd Cole's "Rattlesnakes" (which in turn is an adaptation of Joan Didion's awesome novel Play It As It Lays), and I had to do something with that. So here's a little drabble-and-a-half (150 words) on that.

Upside Down And Back To Front

Spoilers! )
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Here's an odd idea. Written for [community profile] promptmemes and the prompt "Doctor Who/Anything: Martha's travels brought her all over the world during the Year That Wasn't. She met lots of people and even if they don't remember her, she remembers them. After she finishes her medical degree she follows her nose."

Title: Bernard's Rules
Author: Beer Good ([personal profile] beer_good_foamy)
Fandom: Doctor Who/Black Books
Word Count: ~900
Rating: PG
Warnings: ***Reference to character death***
Summary: After the Year That Never Was, Doctor Martha Jones buys a book in a shop she's Never visited.

One day, Martha dropped by the bookshop )

2 drabbles

Jun. 29th, 2011 12:41 am
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Woah, two drabbles in two days. Must be summer.

Here's a BtVS drabble for [ profile] open_on_sunday's challenge "Technical difficulties", and a BtVS/Dr Who crossover for [ profile] tthdrabbles's challenge "Under the stars".

Title: Teacher's Edition
Word Count: 100
Fandom: BtVS
Characters: Jenny, Willow
Note: Set in early s2

It happens in almost every computer class. )

Title: Vindication
Word Count: 100
Fandom: BtVS/Doctor Who
Characters: Drusilla, Daleks
Note: Set during nu!Doctor Who 4.12, "The Stolen Earth"

The stars always sang such beautiful songs )
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Hey people, did you know [ profile] sl_podcast who used to run Buffy Between The Lines (for which I wrote an episode and a half) is currently working on both Angel and Firefly Between The Lines? And for added awesomeness, she's also running the Strangely Literal Podcast, which recently featured great readings of two of my fics, and I'm told there's more to come:
Eagles (original here)
The Roots Of All Evil (original here).

Quote of the day, from the marvellous Bookslut:

At the X-Men movie:

Me: "Why are there only white people in this movie?"
Friend: "The white people are metaphors for black people."

Also, I love fandom; it took about 2 hours after the latest Doctor Who episode before someone set up [ profile] lizardladylove.

Next up: Spuffyness. I think.
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Here's something that came to me and for which I should probably apologize in advance.

It's a Doctor Who drabble, set after the next episode, based on the events of the previous one. So spoilers for "The Rebel Flesh", but none for the next episode since I have no idea what's going to happen in that and so I'm just assuming that our heroes survive. Well, maybe...

Doppler Effect

Spoilers! )
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Happy holiday-of-your-choice, everyone! And thanks to [ profile] candleanfeather for the Christmas Cthulhu - here's a song for him:

And so for door #12 of the holiday drabblathon, there's a little blue box. No, not Mullholland Dr., though that's an idea too. [ profile] green_maia asked for a crossover between Doctor Who and Viktor Rydberg's poem The Tomte. This isn't so much a crossover as two drabbles loosely inspired by it, but... hey, much like the Doctor, I'm going to press the button and see what happens.

Title: Is It Time?
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters/Pairing: Ten
Spoilers: Post-"Waters of Mars"
Word count: 100

As he runs from himself, he sees so many things )

Title: Wizard
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters/Pairing: Eleven, Rory/Amy
Spoilers: Post-s5
Word count: 100

There are lots of rooms in the TARDIS )


Nov. 8th, 2010 11:55 pm
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Two drabbles; a Buffy one for the [ profile] open_on_sunday prompt "Lantern", and a Doctor Who one for the [community profile] dw100 prompt "Wildlife". First time I've written the Fourth Doctor, so... gulp.

They Mostly Come At Dawn... Mostly

Guiseppe runs. Once you see their light, it's usually too late. Yet he runs.

Rome has catacombs, entire cities underground. They've been down here in the dark since before Caesar. It's safe. Home.

Then they came. Not just one every few decades, but half a dozen every day, picking them off one by one. Guiseppe runs deeper, dodging their bright beams, then turns into a tunnel that's suddenly filled with flickering yellow light. He's dust before he has time to scream.


"Wouldn't a flashlight be better?" Lucia nods at Buffy's cast-iron lantern.

"Maybe. I just like the feel of it."

Saving Face

The Doctor swaggered out of the TARDIS and paused to look around. "...Ah! A perfect landing!"

Sarah Jane looked at the giraffes. "Doctor, this is the -"

"The biggest wildlife reserve in the galaxy! Welcome to the planet of..." He was interrupted by a convenient cough.

"I could have sworn this was the London Zoo."

"Nonsense! I said I'd fixed the TARDIS navigation, didn't I? Let me introduce you to the planet's king." The Doctor walked over to one of the gorillas. "Would you like a j... hey! That's mine!"

Well, at least they hadn't landed in that quarry again, Sarah Jane thought.

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Spoilers! )
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Spoilers! )
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Like many others, I got fed up with having my vids taken down from youtube and uploaded them to Vimeo instead. Let's hope they stay up a bit longer. You can find all 11 of them on my profile page, here. And as an extra service to those of you who don't want to leave the warm fuzziness that is LJ, I've embedded them under the cut.

Probably not for those on dial-up )
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Like many others, I got fed up with having my vids taken down from youtube and uploaded them to Vimeo instead. Let's hope they stay up a bit longer. You can find all 11 of them on my profile page, here. And as an extra service to those of you who don't want to leave the warm fuzziness that is LJ, I've embedded them under the cut.

Probably not for those on dial-up )


Feb. 9th, 2010 03:11 pm
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OK, so one final (?) piece of Season 8 speculation. True, I haven't read the last few issues, but I think I've stumbled over enough information to finally figure it all out.

Spoilers for Twilight's identity, as well as more or less vague spoilers for various sci-fi series )
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