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OK, that was a mess.

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So I've been rewatching some Game of Thrones leading up to s7 in two weeks, and I started thinking. We know that they're wrapping the show up in the next two (shortish) seasons, so... what would I like to see happen in those two seasons? Well, hopefully season 7 will change what can happen in season 8, but here's some thoughts in no particular order. Others' thoughts more than welcome.

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So what does everyone else want?
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First Twin Peaks, now this:

Looks like we're finally building to something, doesn't it? And they're very conspicuously not showing Team White Walker...

Here's a decent blow-by-blow analysis.
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This wasn't a hugely productive year for me, fannish-wise, but I did write a few things I'm pretty happy with:

Avalanche (Game of Thrones, Gen). After the battle of Hardhome, the wight that was the chieftain Karsi rises with all the others. Then she and everyone else in the white walkers' army start moving, slowly but surely, south. Snowflake by snowflake, winter. Is. Coming.

Talking To Plants (BtVS, Willow/Tara). Willow's pregnancy came as a shock. ...Well, it would, wouldn't it. But there's a perfectly logical explanation.

Waylaid (BtVS, Tara/Faith). Wishverse: Faith has a job to do. She's supposed to go to Sunnydale and fix what the last Slayer couldn't, or at least die trying. She shouldn't let herself get held up like this.

Water of Life (Stand Still Stay Silent, Sigrun/Mikkel). Walking for hours in sopping wet clothes after a life-or-death fight in ice water is something Norwegian hunters do every day, no need to get worried. Or so Sigrun would like them to think.

The Scrying Of Lot 48 (BtVS/Parks and Rec crossover, gen). Willow Rosenberg goes into a bar and meets... Ron Swanson!

The Rugged Pyrrhus, or Holiday By Mistake (Game of Thrones/Withnail and I crossover, gen). Izembaro, the arrogant leader of a small Braavosi theatre troupe specializing in bad rhymes and fart jokes, sometimes gets very drunk and claims to be from a city called Lundon. Nobody really believes him.

In Which Pooh Discovers A Blue Box (Dr Who/Winnie the Pooh crossover, gen). The Doctor is delighted to land in the Hundred Acre Woods. Well, he would be. But what sort of trouble will the Doctor's arrival bring for Pooh and his little friends? And why have Eeyore and Rabbit gone missing...?

It Raineth On The Just (BtVS, gen). After the events of "Tabula Rasa", Giles leaves Sunnydale and returns home to London. If it can still be his home after everything he's been through over the last few years. And who are those mysterious shapes who keep following him down rainy streets…?

A Slayin' Song Tonight (BtVS, gen). Five holiday ornaments that can be used to slay vampires, and one vice versa. AKA the Scooby Holiday Meet-Up is about as peaceful as you'd expect.
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Title: The Rugged Pyrrhus, or Holiday By Mistake
Author: Beer Good ([personal profile] beer_good_foamy)
Fandom: Game of Thrones/Withnail & I (GoT season 6)
Rating: PG13
Word count: ~900
Author's notes: Come on, GoT casts Richard E Grant as a bitter hammy actor and nobody writes a Withnail & I crossover? You thought I was just going to walk right by that?
Summary: Izembaro, the arrogant leader of a small Braavosi theatre troupe specializing in bad rhymes and fart jokes, sometimes gets very drunk and claims to be from a city called Lundon. Nobody really believes him. But his leading lady remembers that one time when he went off on a long soliloquy on stage...

“Look on every exit as being an entrance somewhere else.”
- Tom Stoppard, Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead

I'm a trained actor reduced to the status of a bum! )


Apr. 24th, 2016 10:31 am
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So they announced the Willowy Goodness Awards, and I won some stuff! Particularly for First One To Turn The Wheel Is A Chicken and The Pieces That Prevailed.

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Huge thanks to everyone, especially [ profile] dragonydreams for holding it together! Check out the full list of winners here - congrats all!

Also, leaving this here for tomorrow:

And I have the fic to back it up.
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So here's one I've been mulling over ever since episode 5.08 ("Hardhome"). I wanted more Karsi, so ... Go team!

Title: Avalanche
Author: Beer Good ([personal profile] beer_good_foamy)
Fandom: Game of Thrones, post-s5
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Death, family unfriendly death, undeath, apocalypse.
Word count: ~1200
Characters/Pairing: Karsi
Summary: After the battle of Hardhome, the wight that was the chieftain Karsi rises with all the others. Then she and everyone else in the white walkers' army start moving, slowly but surely, south. Snowflake by snowflake, winter. Is. Coming.

Full circle. A new terror born in death, a new superstition entering the unassailable fortress of forever.
- Richard Matheson

Awareness comes to the being that was Karsi slowly, if it comes at all. It's not so much a matter of remembering who or what she is, as just knowing that she is. )
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Game of Thrones cast Max von Sydow as a raven

Fuck yeah.

Just imagine all the lines they could sneak in.

"Are you... death?"
"No, I'm a raven, dumbass."


"...Shut up, Bran."

"Never say nevermore again!"
"...You're really pushing it now, raven."

...OK, maybe not. But at least throw a chess game in there, huh?
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Rather than a review, here's a short poll about this season's best fight scene (I'd say "so far", but I honestly doubt they're going to top this).

Standard GoT disclaimer: I haven't read the books, please avoid spoilers past this week's episode in the comments.
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Phew. So I got this prompt for [ profile] intoabar, and I was stuck. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out how these two would ever meet up or how they'd react to each other. And then, five days before deadline, this happened, and I'm rather happy with it.

ETA: Apparently, Twisting The Hellmouth are scared of GRRM's lawyers and don't allow GoT crossovers. Meanwhile, there are 2,732 fics on AO3... go figure.

Title: How To Drain Your Flagon
Author: Beer Good ([personal profile] beer_good_foamy)
Prompt: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce meets Khal Drogo
Fandoms: Angel/Game of Thrones (early season 1 of both series)
Word count: ~1100
Rating/Contents: PG13
Warnings: No warnings needed
Author's Note: I haven't read the books and am unspoiled beyond s3 of Game of Thrones.

A rogue demon hunter walks into a bar... )
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(Please note - I'm unspoiled on the books and want to remain so)

Spoilers S3E06 and a bit of meta )
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OK, so unless I'm misremembering something, this is my first attempt at Game of Thrones fic. This is a 100-word drabble set immediately after 2.07 (so spoilers), attempting to answer the question: What the hell is Ghost up to?

Like Master, Like Dog

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OK, so following up on my post about redemption arcs, here's one about cracks. Not crackfic, but... cracks. That bit where a story made up of several different stories doesn't quite fit together seamlessly, and how that's not necessarily a bad thing.

This post contains spoilers for all aired episodes of Doctor Who, Buffy, Angel and Game of Thrones (the TV series).

So a while back, I was reading Russell T Davies' The Writer's Tale, which if you haven't read it is recommended both for fans of Doctor Who and for those interested in serial television and storytelling in general. And I say this despite the fact that it threw some of the things I dislike about RTD's writing style into even sharper contrast (and that I couldn't care less about his constant fanboying of Skins).

But the point I wanted to bring up, where something clicked into place, was this quote. The Writer's Tale is essentially the (mostly) complete and uncensored e-mail and text correspondence between RTD and Benjamin Cook as RTD writes s4 of Doctor Who, up until Stephen Moffat took over the show. This quote is from page 190-191, where RTD is trying to piece together the Christmas special "Voyage of the Damned", essentially The Poseidon Adventure IN SPACE, and has trouble getting the narratives to play nice:
The funny thing is - and I learn this every time, yet forget it - if a fault is fundamental, any problem-solving is only papering over the cracks. The cracks always show. Faults persist. They always do. The disaster movie fights the essential nature of the Doctor, because he becomes just Any Old Survivor - a clever one, yes, the leader, yes, but a hapless victim of events. He's lacking. Now, when the plot turns and he changes ('No more!' he says), then he's in charge again and good old Doctor Who kicks in...

Well, isn't that true of the storytelling process full stop? If you're inventing something artificial, something false, and yet you're wanting to convince people that's [sic] it's real so that they can suspend their disbelief sufficiently, surely you're 'papering over the cracks' from the moment that you start writing?

I like your version of papering over the cracks. I'm going to cling to that. (...) You're right, most stories require the writer to wallpaper like crazy, especially those stories that demand so many suspensions of disbelief. (...) I am a wallpaperer. Yes, that's what I am.

Now, here's the thing. Step on this crack )
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So having been more and more impressed by Game Of Thrones, especially the finale, I figured there had to be an animated icon of Tyrion slapping the shit out of Joffrey. Couldn't find one. So...

Free to a good home.
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