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And it is, indeed, Twin Peaks and David Lynch in all its messy glory.

I've just watched the first four hours. Under the cut are thoughts about 3.01-3.04 (or the first four hours, apparently the episodes are subdivided differently on different channels?) There are no specific spoilers for anything beyond the first two seasons and Fire Walk With Me, but spoilery discussions are welcome in the comments if you're already caught up.

- OK, so this is very much Twin Peaks, including Fire Walk With Me. We get to revisit a lot of the old cast, we get some new plots and cast members - some of whom come across as stunt casting, but that's as may be. It picks up where it left us 25 years ago - on Laura Palmer telling us she'll see us again in 25 years, GODDAMNIT LYNCH - and then slooooowly catches us up. Very slowly. Maybe a bit too slowly for my taste in one or two cases, but I'm going to trust Lynch to know where he wants to go.

- At the same time, it's also a logical next step on from Lynch's last movie, INLAND EMPIRE. There are bits where Twin Peaks s3 feels more like that movie than its own parent series - long, silent shots, alternate dimensions; outright surrealism ungrounded in the small town. It remains to be seen how that will gel. I want more Twin Peaks in my Twin Peaks, but I'm sure it will come.

- Lynch is beyond caring about ratings or TV conventions here. This is basically one long movie chopped up into hour-long installments, each timed to end on cliffhangers. But he does give those who haven't binged the entire series and the movie in the last few years enough as-you-knows to have it make sense. Well, as much as anything makes sense in Lynchland.

- It remains to be seen just how well the series will manage to balance catching us up on what's happened in the 25 years, and what's going to happen next. Also, just how much they can update the (so far a little too early 90s) gender roles.

- It's... beautiful. Lynch hasn't made a movie in 10 years and he's pouring everything into this. It still looks like Twin Peaks, slightly hokey soap opera attitude and all, but what he does with colours, with framing...

- It's funny. Though you knew that. And creepy. You knew that too.

- It's good to see the old gang again. It hurts to see so many faces missing. And even more to see those who have passed since shooting this. 25 years is a very long time. I just hope that as the season unfolds, they will all get their chance to shine.

- IT'S MOTHERFUCKING TWIN PEAKS. I'm on board for wherever Lynch & Frost want to take me.

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I'm so excited for this. I only have the first two eps so far, but you turn it on and you feel home.

This is the real deal, even if I have no idea where it is going.
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